Friday, May 27, 2011

Black, White and Wood

My current obsession for interiors is black, white, and natural wood. By injecting some wood into a black and white design, it adds an element of warmth that can sometimes be lacking when you're using no color. This is my plan for the front counter area of my showroom, if I would ever just get the thing going. I'm very excited though, I got the approval for my small business loan last week, woo hoo! Now, I need to make some final decisions on how I want to finish the space sometime this century.

Anyway, check out these spaces that marry black, white, and wood beautifully:

Check out this super cute box I found at Burlington Coat Factory?? over the weekend. I know random. But love the black and white python print with the wood accents.

P.S. Here's a larger glimpse of the box's location in my office, with the GOLD accents I promised I'd be adding. (I know the pineapple is a bit much, but it was in my studio and it was gold. Why not?)

In the fashion realm, adding a "wood" touch can be achieved just by adding a warm tone, like a tan. The outfit below adds the perfect touch with the tan leather belt:

I know there's no white on these shoes, but if I were to wear them, the white would come from my extremely pasty foot. I love the dressyness (is that a word?) counteracted by the wood heel:
And here's how I would incorporate this trend into my wardrobe:

Wood, Black, White

Aren't those rings amazing!? Made out of petrified wood.... so cool.
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  1. Thanks for the inspiration. I am going to redo our bedroom in mostly black and brown! Would have never thought to pair those two colors, but I think it's gonna be really chic!