Monday, April 2, 2012

Crepe Party

As promised, here are the pics from the crepe party I threw last weekend! I highly suggest a party like this. It's so fun because your guests can join in and it doesn't require a ton of prep work prior. I also made macarons and had little chinese takout containers as party favors.  It felt just like a summer night in Paris! (Ok, maybe not exactly like Paris, but a girl can pretend...)

My kitchen island was covered with butcher block paper which A. Was a cute way to write suggested recipes, etc. and B. An amazing way to clean up. Here's me and my friend Lily, enjoying my spiked Pink Lemonade!

I also just got this book from Amazon today and cannot wait to devour it. I am a little concerned, however, I'll end up on the phone with my travel agent by the end.

I'll be posting my giveaway this week!
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  1. ...such a great blog! As a fashion + decor fan, so glad I found it; they work great together. Really cute post as well! Cheers!