Friday, February 24, 2012

You're My Best Friend

Ok, spill it. What are your thoughts on the emerging friendship bracelet trend? At first, I was kinda like eh, but now I'm kinda like oooo....Target has an amazing collection of them for around $4 a piece. I only bought 2, and they were definitely not the bright colored ones I have pictured here. I think it's a fun way to inject some playfulness into an otherwise serious look.

Target also had some really fun, brighly colored jewelry. I especially loved this one long chain necklace, which I will now be returning to purchase it, that was dip dyed with fun bright colors. It had a sort of Bohemian vibe, which is not my style, but everyone could use a little bohemian in their look, no?

Anyway, what a stack of friendship bracelets can do to an outfit reminds me a lot of what a suzani print can do to a room:

So run out and get some friendship bracelets, no friends required ;) Have a great weekend!
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