Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekend Recap

Hey everyone, how was your weekend? I'm still playing catch up, but here's some pics from my weekend. Hope yours was great!

Here's my outfit from Friday that I totally thought I posted, but didn't:

Here's what I wore on a night out with my huz:

Ok, so I totally scored that leather full skirt from the White House Black Market outlet in Orlando. I was so excited since I was there last year and found my beloved leather leggings. Definitely need to frequent this place more often....

I then chickened out with the whole no tights theme in February and changed into this:

That little sweatery jacket is going to be a work horse in my wardrobe, I just know it. I got it at the Loft President's Day sale. Hurry, there's still time!

I also found pussy willows at the grocery store!! Do you have any idea what this means?? Spring is sure to come!!

I ate waaay too many blood oranges:

Spent waaay to much money on cheeses, but was oh so worth it. A pesto, a tomato, and an onion cheese? Hell yes...

And after an amazing vaca, coming home to this was exactly what I needed:

I'm super busy working on my trade show booth design we have coming up and can't wait to share the design board. Hopefully I'll have it complete this week!
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