Friday, December 16, 2011

Leopard and Stripes

I just recently blogged about leopard prints and florals, but here I am again, this time with leopard print and stripes! I'm really bringing home the fact the leopards are a neutral.

Wasn't this the cutest pregnant woman you had ever seen?? I say was and had because she's since had her baby. It's the author of the lovely blog, The DayBook.

I caved in and bought the uber-trendy leopard loafers. My friend and I pounced on them together at Marshalls for only $49.99! And they're Steve Madden. At first, we didn't succumb to the pressure of them, but then they haunted me all night so I had to go back and get them. Which, by the way, I highly recommend doing when you're unsure of a purchase. Go home and if it's still on your mind, you know you really want it. Unless of course it's like Prada heels 50% off or something. That's just crazy to need to think about that, plus they fo sho won't be there the next day...

P.S. If you're still contemplating the loafer trend, here's some very chic ladies who convinced me. I'm sorry though, I still will not be on board with the ones that look like slippers. What the hell is the fashion world thinking??? What's next, bath robes as cardigans?? Which, actually, I could get on board with some mornings at the office...

P.P.S. And you know leopards and stripes look good in the interior design world, too:

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