Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Missoni for Target

Have you heard?? Missoni is doing a collaboration with Target and it's coming out September 13th!! I am so excited for this collab. I'm at the beach for a few days and finally getting to look through a stack of mags I've collected the past few weeks. Vogue gave me this amazing nugget of info. It featured Margherita's apartment and some of the items (which include over 400!!) that will be sold in Target. We're talkin clothes and housewares people. This is a line I may have to be there for at 8 am on the 13th...

These are all items from the line:
I love how she wallpapered that beam:
 Below are rugs and a bike I just might have to get since I do not own one. Who doesn't want a Missoni bike??
 Love those canisters:
Click here to see more sneak peek images from their shoot. The scarves I definitely will fight someone for...

UPDATE: I've been reading a few more articles on this and the Huffington Post had a fairly negative view of this. Be sure to read the comments on the article, too. What do you think?
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  1. i love thos canisters too! this line is going to sell SO fast.

  2. There are in my opinion two types of fashionable people: Those who like to feel they are elite and those people who are passionate about design.
    The former believes that certain brands and the money needed to purchase those items elevates them into a special group while the latter group is excited about items based on their look alone.

    Missoni for Target is exciting to me because it introduces something different to the mass market. Lots of fun apparel, home goods and lifetsyle items that have a designer twist without the cost. There are very few designer sweaters, pillows or scarves that would inspire me to spend $500+. Missoni for Target is a great way for people get something fun without spending a lot of money plus increase brand awareness. As for the quality of course it won't be the same as items marketed to upscale boutique or luxury retailer but thats not really the point. People complaining about the quality being poor I would say I couldn't imagine nor would I want to wear the same clothes I had 10 years or even 2 years ago.

    Elitists and "fashionistas" who strive to separate themselves from "couch potatoes" and "unwashed masses" obviously are threatened by democratic design as it gives them less to differenciate them from the masses. I'd say being petty, spiteful and rude about others reinforces that they too are just like the rest of us.

    I can't wait to wear my Missoni for Target scarf while watching TV.

  3. Well said. I have to refer back to the vogue issue this was in, but Margherita Missoni commented on the question of if this was devaluating her brand. I don't have the exact quote but clearly her answer was no. In my opinion, if the designer is the one behind it, what's so wrong? It's when cheap labels copy their designs that I have a problem with it. I applaud her for branching out into a whole other creative project.