Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Unexpected

Don't you just love when something unexpected surfaces in an interior or an outfit? Life is way too short to do what's expected of you.

Like this outfit. The school boy blazer and striped tee, ok I'll take it, very cute. But then!? A feathered skirt?? How awesome.
What about how unexpected this woman is in general? I better be this chic when I'm her age:

Cargos with black pumps? I'll take it!

What a great kitchen. I always admire those who can design in white. I love that the island is a warm toned wood. However, did you notice those bar stools? This kitchen just got way cooler.

I love that they decided to paint the fireplace black while leaving the rest of the walls white. A bold move that paid off! Not to mention there's a seriously cobalt blue couch in the room. And why not throw in some toile chairs?

Why not put some unexpected seating arrangements around your dining room table? It's much more interesting than the matchy matchy sets.

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