Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Parade of Homes

So very last minute (like that same day) we decided to stage our little semi-detached home we are putting in our county's Parade of Homes. The day before judging, I was running around my showroom and personal home finding things I could slap together to stage this house with. I only staged the first floor and here's how it turned out:

- First, here was my inspiration for the paint palette (this was chosen ahead of time, not the day of...just thought I'd throw that in there so you didn't think I had some sort of super human paint powers.)

- Powder Room

- Living Room

- Dining Area

Yes, that is a folding table with a tablecloth on it... It's all I had!

- Kitchen I designed

 Master Bath that I couldn't decorate, but picked out the tile for and looove:

Not bad for a $149,900 builder spec home, right? Other than the serious gap of decorative items now in my home and office, I'm happy with how everything turned out. Sure it could have been more decorated, but then we're talking some serious $$$. I'll be adding home staging services to my decorating company's website soon, so if you're local and interested, let me know!
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