Thursday, September 29, 2011

On My Wish List - Fall 2011

Regardless of the fact that I've been shopping for Fall practically since August, there's still a few things on my wish list. P.S. Dear Husband, I'm so glad you do not frequent my blog...

1. Celerie Kemble usually rocks my interior design world, but now with a book featuring black and white designs?? I must have it. Ooo I forgot to share my new little settee for my black and white office. I just got it, so I'm still designing around it, and most likely will always "still be designing around it":

2. I'd love to convert the recessed light above our entry into this pendant light. Allen + Roth from Lowes has the coolest light fixtures and are so inexpensive!

3. I'm searching everywhere for a pair of leapord print leather driving gloves, but the only pair I've come across that I like (of course) are these from Net-A-Porter. $500? I don't think so...

4. I don't think this counts as being on my wish list anymore since I just bought it... BB Dakota, Lord & Taylor, on sale for $46.80. Come on how could I resist this??

5. Apple picking is a must for me every Fall. There's lots of local orchards in my area. My mom used to always make us baked apples and I love carrying on the tradition with my Italian husband who had no clue what they were. Click here for a 5 minute recipe on these babies:

6. It's my one year anniversary next weekend! We're headed to the Finger Lakes, NY and will be hitting up a ton of wineries. For sure.

7. I have a wall across from my dining room that is so bare and has been screaming for wallpaper ever since I moved in with my then fiance now husband 3 years ago. Here's the thing. My dining room is red. Should I be crazy and do the green damask or be a little less crazy and do a red trellis print? I have a green/red theme going on in my family room, so I'm leaning towards the green damask. I always hated that our couches were green and the dining room is red, but lately, I've made it work. And now I'm seeing the theme everywhere. I smell a blog post on this one...

8. For the cold nights ahead - Le Creuset dutch oven to make a delicious sounding red wine pot roast recipe I read in my latest Food magainze. Of course a need a purple one.

9. A french press coffee mug. Now I can bring it with me on the go! Although, wouldn't life be so much better if this is how I was enjoying it?

See, it wasn't all purchases to adorn my closet Husband, if you are reading this, you should be proud of me (especially if you want to be eating a delicious pot roast for dinner)
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  1. Mmm I need to make those baked apples! And Le Creuset, we received one as a wedding present and it cooks like heaven in addition to being simply beautiful to look at. Also, I have that french press travel mug, I LOVE it. It's the only way I'll drink coffee.

  2. LOL! I love my Le Creuset pieces and get so much use out of them. For some reason, food just tastes better in them! Oh, and I'm so lucky to have a husband that is so oblivious to fashion and anything new that I purchase. That way he hopefully won't notice the new LV purse I bought today!!! ;)