Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tough Preppy Chic Style

I am currently blogging from my hotel room in Orlando (where there is no snow might I brag) and I'm here for the International Builder's Show. I discovered some seriously impressive home trends, which I'll be sharing with you when I get back, but the most important part of this whole trip was the amazing outlets Orlando possesses. I scored an amazing pair of leather leggings yesterday for a price that almost made me jump up and down with the salesgirl, but now comes the challenge of figuring out how to wear them. (By the way, I do not advise purchasing something that you later have to figure out how to wear unless of course it was the best deal of our time...) My husband has been so kind in saying that yes indeed they are different, instead of saying what were you thinking??

My advice for wearing something that typically does not coordinate with your style is by pairing it with something that is your style. For me, the leather leggings will go perfect with my collection of preppy blazers:

I know I used Olivia Palermo twice, but she rocks my world...

Black leather can also look a little tough in the home, but here are some images I'm sure will change your mind:

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