Thursday, August 2, 2012

Lo & Sons

Being a huge supporter of entrepreneurship and obviously being one myself, I'm so in love with the company Lo&Sons. Here's the founder, Helen Lo's, story:

When Helen Lo had back issues and needed a carryall that kept up with her frequent travels, she decided to invent one that was lightweight, durable, and stylish. But as a woman in her mid-60s, she wondered how she would ever get from Point A to Point B. Devoted sons Derek and Jan left behind careers in advertising and product design research by day and DJing by night to help make Helen's dream a reality. The three tapped into their distinct talents to create a collection of timeless bags that would appeal to every traveler - regardless of age, gender, or final destination.One and a half years, many prototypes, and one intact family later, Lo & Sons offers gorgeous bags that are specifically designed to help you travel light. Because when a journey from Point A to Point B seems overwhelming, isn't it comforting to lighten the load?
Love that story! Right now, if you like their facebook page, you can get a code for 25% off. I couldn't resist and ordered the OG bag for our upcoming Italy trip! Here's the super cute video:

So great right? I ordered the black one with lilac lining:
And I'm totally adding myself to the wait list on this bag:

Amazeballs! Starting my Christmas list now...
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