Thursday, July 12, 2012

Burgundy: Fall 2012

I can't even call myself a blogger after this terrible hiatus, but I have a post for you nonetheless.  I sat in on the really informative and inspirational webinar Graphic Design for Bloggers give by Alt Design. Right after, I was super inspired to carve out a chunk of time, no phone calls, no interruptions, and design a board based on my favorite Fall color, burgundy, or as the fancies call it, bordeaux. Mark my words readers, burgundy is in for Fall 2012. At least it will be for me.
1. Velvet burgundy chairs? Drooling... | 2. Perfect fall lipcolor | 3. Burgundy blazer is totally happening for me asap | 4. Ikat burgundy pillows for the home. | 5. Zoya polish in Paris | 6. Burgundy jeans in my cart now. | 7. Why not paint a room burgundy? My recommendation would be a dining room. Mmm so lush. | 8. Mulberry bag, you are mine. | 9. Christian, you are the man.

And do not even get me started on burgundy + leopard:


Burgundy Jeans

Burgundy Jeans by Fashionable Interiors 

I also love the idea of pairing burgundy with a peachy color. I used this combo in one of my interior designs for a client. The table is burgundy, it's a little tricky to see in the photo:

That's all for today, hope to be back soon!
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