Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Juxtaposition Design

I've talked many times before of my love for a good juxtapositioned design (is that even a term I can use?) Anybody can go to a Raymour & Flanigan and buy the whole master bedroom suite and be done with it. But really, who could be happy waking up to a sea of mahogany every morning? What makes design so appealing for me is combining two things completely out of the ordinary with nothing in common and ending up with a design that is so original and looking like it has everything in common.

I chickened out this weekend, but I purchased a big taffeta mermaid skirt to wear to a wedding. I wanted to wear a white tank with it and a huge Sorrelli necklace. I ended up with a black silk tank for fear I'd be getting stares and whispers all evening, but it would have been sweet. Anyway, enough of my juxtaposition rant; see for yourself:

I bet you were staring at this foyer wondering why it was so interesting. Because it combines a dose of glam with an otherwise country feel. Didn't think they'd look so good, did you?

There's a whole lot of periods goin' on in this room, but tell me you don't want to pull up a bergere and take a listen to the baby grand in the corner. It's because it's an interesting room to be in...

And if the whole juxtaposition theory is a bit much to take on for you, try a contemporary print on an antique piece of furniture:
This is the vibe I was going for at the wedding. JCrew is really the master at combining different styles into one outfit:

A structured blazer paired with a girly dress, courtesy of Anthro:
Thoughts on the denim shorts and tights trend? I wonder if it will still be around again this fall:
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  1. I think this outfit is so chic! These are classic pieces that almost everyone has one or all of them in their wardrobe.

    The black leggings add a certain type of edge to it bringing it current, and keep the denim shorts in the rotation during the colder months!

    So cute!

    ~Cara Christensen

  2. You know how I love denim shorts + tights!