Monday, June 22, 2009

Old Hollywood Glamour...Ooo La La

In an attempt to create a portfolio for my business start-up, I'm trying to do as many *free* interior decorating as possible. So far, I've advised a bit on a restaurant of a family member and my best client of all, me! I'm redoing my guest room, since right now it is a junk room and has nothing but a bed and boxes in it. When I moved in with my fiance, his townhouse needed a serious design overhaul. Too bad I didn't think to take before and after pics, but that's ok, I still have the finished product. What's funny about our place is that I have so many styles going on. Literally, each room is a different style, but when else will I get to make a diversified start-up portfolio? The guest room will be based upon my favorite style, Old Hollywood Glamour. Some inspirations shots are below, including the ever present fashion comparison. More details to come as I progress!

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