Friday, May 15, 2009

Wallpaper Dress

Ok I might be cheating a little bit on my blog marriage of fashion and interior design with this entry, BUT in my defense, wouldn't these wallpapers all make cute fabrics for dresses/skirts? The image below is scanned in from the latest issue of House Beautiful. Surprisingly, I really like this wallpaper considering my parents had really ugly wallpaper in our house when I was growing up that is reminiscent of this. (Ours was like very 1776 America, though ICK!)

Trove is an unbelievable wallpaper company that makes wallpaper look like a piece of art. In fact, I'm considering purchasing an 18 in. square sample and framing it. They also just came out with this wallcovering that is printed wood-veneer made from sustainably harvested wood and bonus! is also low VOC. It comes in a variety of species including bamboo. How cool is this interior design world we live in???

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