Thursday, February 28, 2013

Birthday Wishlist

The big 2-7 is quickly approaching and my husband's been asking me what I'm currently coveting. Well, I pretty much always have things on my radar, so below is my little birthday wishlist that I'll be so generously forwarding on to him in an email. Hey, he asked for it...

1. My gold Michael Kors watch is looking very sad lately after 4 years of constant wear. I've been loving the idea of swapping it out occasionally with a black faced gold watch. This Kate Spade version is perfection.

2. This dainty asymmetrical initial necklace is the perfect size to wear when you have little chubby baby hands flailing all over the place. I thought about getting his initial, but I do already have a bangle I'm planning on engraving with his name. Don't want to be too over the top...

3. I love, love, love these wedges for Spring. Totally up my alley.

4. I still do not own a Diptyque candle. I think this will finally be the occasion I choose one. And then just stare at it in my home without ever lighting it...

5. Do you not just want to eat this clutch up? This little guy has a serious cuteness factor going on I can't resist.

6. A day in NYC since it will most likely be the last time I can venture into the city for awhile. I have quite the list of locations I'd like to stop by, including snatching up some macarons at Laduree :)

And back to work I go. Can't wait to take a break from work in the coming months!
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